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TEDxMaastricht 2016

A matter of perspective.

For the sake of future of humanity, a number of misconceptions need to be dispelled. Almost all of us confuse teaching with learning. And we also confuse medical treatment with healthcare. Police protection is mistaken for safety. Material wealth is mistaken for happiness. A countless number of frames in our minds control our daily behaviour. And many of them are based on obvious delusions.

It’s a matter of perspective.

That’s the crucial point that TEDxMaastricht addressed in 2016. Our speakers showed new insights, knowledge and effective ways to make our society a better place by reframing some key issues that concern us all.

We wanted to challenge you to take “A matter of perspective” as our new catchphrase; because in the end,

it’s all in the mind.

A mindboggling 9+ for TEDxMaastricht 2016!

Now that the year is coming to an end, it is time to reflect on the things accomplished this year. We just received the result from TEDxMaastricht 2016 post event survey from ted.com in New York. They asked you – our audience – one simple question: “How likely it is that you would recommend the TEDxMaastricht conference to a friend”? The NSP (Net Promotor Score) we received back from TED was…

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