The sharing economy is the new kid in town

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A power drill is used on average 13 minutes in its lifespan. That’s not a lot of drilling for each power drill, but it is potentially a whole lot of power drills, especially if you imagine a 2045 scenario, where we might have billions of them, each and every one of them collecting dust in its own tool

 Statistics such as the above raises an important question, especially for when there will be 9 billion of us: How will we, as inhabitants of a globe with a finite amount of natural resources, make sure there’s room for us all? We think the answer is a shift in the way we think about things – a shift in mindset from thinking about possessions to thinking about utility. Put bluntly, we’d like to live in a 2045 where access is more important than ownership.

It might be trite but it is true: Sharing is caring. And sharing will be necessary, as the world’s population grows. Our homes are one of the most valuable resources we have at our disposal, so why not share that? By sharing your extra space, you not only invite the world in, you’re also helping utilize the limited collective space we have. We’re not saying you should invite all 1,1 billion of us in for the night (after all that would be a lot of chocolates to put on pillows) but even accommodating one person makes a difference – especially if we all choose to do so. We have approximately 60,000 people staying at an Airbnb tonight, some of them even in Maastricht, so the shift has definitely already started, but there is a good way to go.

The sharing economy is the new kid in town, and we’re proud to consider ourselves part of that movement. Through collaborative consumption, we believe all of us can truly make a difference in how we travel and how we optimize the resources we already have. And change how we think about access versus ownership.

Peers is an independent and newly started grassroot organization supporting the movement around the sharing economy. It is a great forum to discuss ideas and initiatives around collaborative consumption – now, but also for the future. If you want to be part of shaping the future for the sharing economy, you can join Peers right here:

We wish you all a wonderful TEDx Maastricht conference with heaps and heaps of valuable learnings. We’re excited about going and hope to see you there!

– Airbnb Netherlands-

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