TEDxMaastricht 2017

Date: 13 October 2017

Location: MECC Maastricht

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TEDxMaastricht Pitch Night

Date: Monday 19th June 2017
Location: Brandweerkantine (Capucijnenstraat 21) in Maastricht

We had a great Pitch Night, thanks to you: our audience and thanks to the amazing speakers that had the courage to stand up and give us a teaser of their would-be TEDx talks! In 3 minutes they did their best to convince the crowd that their idea is worth spreading. You voted for the best 2 pitchers to go on and speak at our main stage on October 13. As a 'thank you' all of you who attended and left their e-mail will receive a guaranteed entrance ticket to our main event!


Date: 12 March 2016

Location: Rebelle Maastricht

TEDxYouth@Maastricht is a conference organized by youth, for youth, to inspire tomorrow’s world.

TEDxYouth is organized by students from United World College (UWC) Maastricht ranging in age from 16-19 years. The target audience of the conference is aged between 12-24 years.

Other schools in the region like Porta Mosana and the International School Antwerp also attend the conference.

Taken together, the students come from a variety of nationalities, different cultures, backgrounds and many different countries. They bring a very interesting mix of ideas, knowledge and experience to the table, and form an excellent breeding ground to talk about ideas worth spreading.

This makes our TEDxYouth@Maastricht event a great contribution to the Maastricht region and beyond.