Nicolette Mak

Nicolette Mak has a surprisingly honest story that she will share with us at TEDxMaastricht. Once the driving force behind liquor brand Dutch Dynamite, Nicolette got frustrated by the dishonesty and mistrust her disabled brother faced when looking for a job. She started the company Valid Express, a postal express company driven by people with a disability or just an odd body. Ever since, she has enabled over 60 chronically ill people with a fulfilling job, keeping them away from welfare support which is often joined by a depressive environment.

A series of companies centered around the same theme followed. This social serial entrepreneur, as she is often referred to, has plenty of ideas: “Putting my time and energy in things that do not make a difference has never been an option to me. Money does not drive me, people do. I love to tackle problems faced by society. How society treats disabled people is often deeply sad: thinking about the problem, not about the solution tends to cripple well-intended measures.” Nicolette is not shy of making a statement and will be a blow of fresh air at TEDxMaastricht.


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