Joakim Hauge

Joakim_HaugeWho is Joakim Hauge
Joakim Hauge is the CEO of The Sahara Forest Project. With an academic background as a biologist Hauge has a keen interest in utilizing ecological knowledge when addressing some of our toughest challenges. He has broad experience on issues related to innovation and green technologies from the non-governmental and private sectors and has previously advised national, EU and international institutions.
Hauge has been a driving force in bringing the concept of “restorative growth” onto the political arena. He has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable solutions to combat climate changes and i.e. delivered talks at the UN side events at the Climate Negotiations in Qatar last year (COP18 Doha).
Hauge is both a thinker and a doer. He has converted big ideas into working facilities on the ground. He concentrates on solutions, not problems and believes the greatest danger to the environment is apathy.

Why should you listen?
Joakim Hauge will explain why he is growing cucumbers, barley and aloe vera in a desert on saltwater and why it matters to you.
The production of key resources, such as clean water, clean energy and a sustainable production of food represents some of our time’s greatest challenges. The Sahara Forest Project is a new environmental solution to create re-vegetation and green jobs through profitable production of food, water, clean electricity and biomass in desert areas. The concept has received widespread international attention and was described by the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Development Program as a “gold standard”.
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